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Tarlton Teas are made with you in mind. We understand that your life is full of different moods and attitudes. But whatever mood or attitude you are in, there is always a Tarlton Tea that can enhance your life and make a difference. Consumers have an opportunity to choose from over 100 assortments ranging from Tins, Tea caddies, Packets and Tea Bags. Because of the extensive variety of products we offer both to the established traditional markets as well as the young Dynamic consumers who seek a variety of flavors; Tarlfon is now sold in more than 45 countries with more and more countries adding on every year.

Tarlton Tea products by Venture Tea (Pvt) Ltd (Sri Lanka / Ceylon) can be found in Australia, Malaysia, China, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Ukraine, Russia, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Czech, Republic, Kuwait, Macedonia, Russia, Ukraine, Taiwan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Estonia, Belarus, Germany, Maldives, Venezuela, Mongolia, Chile, Panama, China, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Israel, USA, Kuwait, Hong Kong, Gambia, Ghana, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Papua New Guinea, China, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, United Kingdom, Gambia, Afghanistan, Denmark, UAE, Turkey, Iraq, Bahrain & Senegal.

We want to share our love of tea and have created lots of varieties to enhance all the tea moments in your life. So whether you are in a happy, romantic or even stressed mood, just reach out to a cup of some refreshing Tar|ton Tea and feel the difference. The superior collections of teas that come under the Tarlton range is near limitless in an array of traditional unflavored teas as well as its flavored counterparts.

Tarlton rediscovers the magic in pure Ceylon Tea. It takes one through a journey to the surreal once savored only by the privileged. One sip of this magic brew will take one back in time to an era when the good life was the highest of pursuits. The sheer limitless possibilities of Pure Ceylon Teas can be found under the range we call Tar|ton. Tea is indeed nature's favor to her other bounty as we have shown how through our Tar|ton collection of flavored teas. Our Ceylon tea partners very well with tropical fruits, spices, herbs, flowers or even a combination of all these, to carry you on a gastronomical journey of sheer magic.

Each of our products in this wide range of flavored teas is so designed as to tantalize and thrill the senses of sight, smell and taste equally. Therefore each sip of this beverage you savor will undoubtedly be an experience to cherish and behold.

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